Higher Hope Christian Church

Higher Hope Changes Lives

Higher Hope Christian Church

Who We Are

Established and incorporated in October 2007 as a spiritual community, we are actively in pursuit of Christ-like and transformed living.

What We Do (Purpose/Mission)

Our purpose/mission is to share God’s love with joy, inspired by the Holy Spirit so that all may know Jesus Christ and become empowered followers of Him.

Our Method (Vision)

We achieve our purpose/mission through:

  • Worship that glorifies God.
  • Action that is ignited by God-given passion
  • Service that demonstrates God’s love.
  • Creativity that celebrates God’s power
  • Prayer that connects with God’s heart

Our Priorities

Higher Hope Christian Church has five priorities:

    1. To intimately know and love God
    2. To radically love and serve others
    3. To passionately pursue life-on-life discipleship
    4. To intentionally work to transform our world
    5. To fervently pray without ceasing

Our Core Values

Our confidence in Christ Jesus is under girded by our belief that

    • God wants to build HOPE in the hearts of His people!
    • God still has a plan for our lives!
    • God sees us in light of our creative purpose as His Image-bearers!
    • God reveals His grand purposes through our prayer life!





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