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Our Faith is based on the following Truths


Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is God, along with the Father and the Holy Spirit. He set aside the things He could do as God, and became a man. He lived a perfect life, then died on a cross, paying the penalty for our sins. Jesus rose from the grave, conquering death completely.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is God, co-equal with the Father and the Son. From the moment someone asks Jesus to be in charge of their life, the Holy Spirit makes a permanent home in that person, guaranteeing salvation, God's power, wisdom and guidance in their lives.

The Bible

The Bible is the Word of God. People who were chosen and inspired by God wrote it. We can trust the truth of the Bible completely. It is the only perfect guide for how to live and what to believe.


God created all people. Our potential to be like God in our character was damaged when we decided not to follow God, but went our own selfish ways. The only way for us to recover our relationship with God and our wholeness is by asking Jesus Christ to enter into and lead our lives.

Eternal Life & Salvation

God did all the work to make eternal life possible. There's nothing we can do to earn it. When we realize that we've turned away from God we simply need to ask God, for forgiveness and put our life fully in the hands of Jesus Christ. When this happens, we're reconnected with God forever. Those who put their faith in Jesus, believing that He is God, that He is the Savior who died and rose again, who acknowledge their sin, who ask Jesus to save them and to take charge of their lives, are saved and  will live forever in the presence of God in heaven.

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